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Business Assurance

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Buy and Sell Agreements

As a business owner in a partnership, the value of your business sometimes runs into the millions. Did you know that a lot of times partners do not have sufficient capital to purchase the deceased partners share from their estate? A Buy and Sell Agreement and Insurance Policies ensure that there is a transfer of ownership for cash between the estate of the deceased partner and the business by providing the Insurance in the event of either death or disability.

Contingent Liability Insurance

As a business owner, you sign surety for everything in your business, including loans. When taking up credit from any provider, you should consider taking contingent liability insurance to cover any debt due to something unforeseen happening to the guarantor.

Key Person Insurance

Businesses function with key persons within the organizations to ensure that certain processes and projects are handled with the acquired skill they bring to the table. Key Person insurance is there to ensure that if that person passes away or becomes permanently disabled there is a capital amount paid to the business to recruit another person, provide them with the necessarily training and also prevent loss within the business.

Corporate Investments

Whether you are doing investments to pay out bonuses or saving for expansion plans of your business in the future, with a bespoke investment offering and good planning, you will be able to put your business in a better financial position when the time comes.

Pension Provident Funds

An Absolute Must for any business. By structuring a pension or provident fund for your employees, it would provide them with a retirement benefit, and also certain risk benefits which can include Death cover, Disability Cover, Critical Illness Cover and Funeral cover. The benefits for the business is that there is better morale, and retention of staff. The business benefits two fold. Get in touch with us for your Pension or Provident Fund Consultation

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