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The right solution based on the right advice.

Financial Consultation

Services We offer

Wall Street Financial Services has an extensive list of offerings that can be tailored-made to fit your goals! We understand no client has the same needs and as such we can tailor make a bespoke service that is able to cater to your individual needs on a professional and exceptionally personal basis. We carry out a detailed assessment, taking the time to understand your needs, priorities and goals.  Then we make recommendations based on our findings.
Our experienced financial planning professionals are masters of their craft and are able to work with most of the financial services providers in Southern Africa in order to craft a product just for you.

Life Cover | Disability Cover | Critical Illness Cover | Medical Aid | GAP Cover | Retirement Planning | Collective Investment Schemes | Preservation Funds | Linked and Life Annuities | Endowment Products | Pension Funds | Provident Funds | Group Risk Funds | Buy and Sell Agreements | Key Person Insurance | Wills and Estate Planning | Income Tax Advice | Salary Structuring | Short Term Personal Lines Insurance | Short Term Insurance Commercial Lines Insurance

Life Insurance

 Having Life Insurance is a must for any person that is working and that has any debts and dependents.  Life insurance can help your loved ones to not only maintain their standard of living when you are no longer there, but also is used to pay estate taxes.  This is all done to protect your legacy when you are no longer there. 

Disability Insurance

Your greatest ability is your ability to earn an income. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses can happen, leading to a loss of income. Disability Insurance is there to ensure that if something like this happens to you, you will be able to settle the major debts, and also continue to receive an income.

Critical illness

In 17 years working in the Insurance field, I have seen the devastation that Cancers, cardio vascular accidents and other illnesses wreak on families.  

Having Critical illness cover is one of the most important insurance products each person should have

Health Care

We believe that having good private medical care is a crucial part of our client's overall well-being. With us we are able to provide you with Medical aid solutions with Discovery Health, Bestmed, Bonitas and Momentum Health Medical Schemes. We are able to assist both Individual clients and businesses with their medical aid requirements.

Gap Cover

 Having a comprehensive medical aid in South Africa, will often not be enough to pay for specialist procedures as medical tariffs are often charged at a higher rate.

Gap cover is an essential add on to your medical aid to ensure that your medical coverage is up to 500% of tariff.

Retirement Planning

Our out of the box financial planning methology not only looks at your present retirement needs for the future, but also incorporates future planning, incorporating all retirement sources and applicable taxes.

This gives you a firmer understanding of where you are and what is needed.

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