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I am fortunate to be able to put this newsletter together with a stable roof over my head and a hot cup of coffee alongside me while I am tucked into some warm clothes. I slept in a cozy bed last night, and the cold didn't bother me. I am healthy, and so is my family, and I know if we get sick, we have a great medical aid plan behind us and even gap cover.

Sadly, this isn't the case for everyone. Many people without homes have to bear the full grunt of the cold Winter we are already enduring. Some children and adults are waking up every day to face their challenges with cancer and other life-threatening diseases and disabilities. You may not know how to step in and directly help those less fortunate than yourself because, let's be honest, in reality, money is tight as we endure more fuel price hikes and increased repo rates. But there are so many superheroes around us who stepped in to help when others couldn't, and those superheroes need some extra fighting power to help keep their non-profit organisations going. That is the avenue where Wallstreet Financial Services would like to support as we help give back to the local communities around us.

We understand the value of the non-profit organisations around us. We recognise how much hard work, sweat, and tears they put into making a difference in the lives of others. It is a very special commitment they have made, and they need the financial support of their communities to aid them as they support others. We are using our annual charity golf day to raise funds for three non-profit organisations, and we hope that we can use the funds raised to make a real difference for them. The money made on the day will be donated to the following charities:

How can you or your company join in to support these amazing charities? Simply book a four-ball and play on the eventful day at Modderfontein Golf Course on the 10th of June. If you are still getting around the skill of hitting a golf ball and you are not too keen on playing, then why not sponsor a hole and promote your business with all the inspiring players? Sponsorships and prizes are welcome too, and will go a long way.

We have some great companies sponsoring prizes on the day and are still hopeful of welcoming a few more sponsorships in exchange for some brand exposure. So far, we would like to thank:

  • The Dynamite Distilling Company

  • Studio Dash Beauty Salon

  • Pristine Auto Spa

  • Cojos

  • Subaru Edenvale (JHB)

  • INVU

  • Evolution Dental Studio

Thank you very much to the above companies for their generosity. If you would like to sponsor any prizes or vouchers, then please contact the event coordinator (Jamie) on 071 352 3169.

Let's take a closer look at the three charities our golf day is supporting so you can better understand where the funds will be going.


A leader in the fight against cancer in SA, since 1931, the purpose of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), is to offer a unique, integrated service to the public and to all people affected by cancer.

Their mission is to be the preferred non-profit leader that enables research with regards to lowering cancer risk, educating the public regarding symptoms, screening and risk reduction, and providing care and support to all people affected by cancer.

Furthermore, their Advocacy team performs a Watchdog Role striving to ensure that South African policymakers are influenced with regards to important cancer control issues and that patients' right to healthcare is protected.

CANSA is committed to connecting people facing cancer with information, day-to-day help as well as emotional support they need in the communities where they live. Their aim is to ensure that cancer survivors and their loved ones don't have to face cancer alone; they help support them through every step of their cancer journey.*

Your support helps them to continue the fight against cancer in South Africa and brings them closer to the challenge of a cancer-free society within our generation.

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 130001397

Non-Profit Organisation Registration number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 000-524 NPO

On the day, CANSA will be set up on hole ten, and they have some exciting challenges for you to play while you wait to tee off. They are very excited to be part of the day and will be joining us for the evening too.


What better time to support a charity like Little Eden than on their 55th Birthday!

Domitilla was one of life's great givers, creating a haven of peace and tranquillity – a miniature Garden of Eden – for children and adults with profound intellectual disabilities. She never accumulated material riches. But she stored great riches in her heart when she started the foundation.

How happy she would be to know that the Homes she created for her special angels are still going strong 55 years later! And how grateful she would be to know that people today are just as generous as those who supported her when she started out all those years ago, providing the vital funds needed to help children with disabilities make the most of life, despite their limitations.

Meet some of those in the care of Little Eden and let them pull on your heartstrings as they did to us:

Little Eden will also be present at the Golf Day and will be giving a short speech in the evening as they join us for dinner.

CORNERSTONE WELLNESS CENTRE Cornerstone Wellness Centre was established in 2018, to provide a multidisciplinary approach to individuals and families who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The centre currently has 15 beds, for men. Cornerstone Wellness Centre follows a multifaceted drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program, which is Christian based. They do not just help with the DETOX; they work on the MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Cornerstone Wellness Centre is a rehabilitation facility that instils family values, encourages teamwork, and most importantly a facility that is guided by God. Cornerstone Wellness Centre is a drug-free facility, and they do not use drugs to wean you off your addiction. They have limited beds available to accommodate men who have all sorts of addiction problems. They teach you how to build that relationship with Jesus, and they teach Christian values about Gods Love, His Grace, and unconditional forgiveness They are situated on a luxurious and tranquil plot, west of Pretoria, just 20km from Hartebeespoort Dam. Their program is a live-in program and is for a minimum period of 8 months, it also includes weekly bible study and life coaching. Cornerstone Health will also be joining us on the day as they share some more insight into what they do.


Sponsored holes are filling up fast, and our 4-balls are being booked quickly too. If you are interested in celebrating this charity event with us, then contact Jamie (event-coordinator) on 071 352 3169 /, or contact your host Albert Johnson on

For more information and updates on the golf day, then head over to the Facebook Event.


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