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9 Unique Wellness Gift Ideas for a Healthy Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 26

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so why not give yourself and those around you the gift of wellness.

Everything we do and every emotion we feel, including love, relates to your well-being. In turn, our well-being can affect those around us. If you are down and not feeling well, how often do you impart that emotion onto your family members, especially if you are feeling irritable? Achieving optimal wellness will help reduce stress, the risk of illness, and help boost your mood; therefore your health is not only vital for yourself but for your loved ones around you.

This week’s newsletter explores wellness as the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday often associated with candy, chocolate, indulgent dinner dates, bottles of bubbly, and over-priced roses. Even though it is an occasion that calls for sugary indulgence, it doesn’t have to be by the book this year.

Why not switch it up this year and take a slightly different approach. Instead of indulging in expensive gifts and chocolates, give a Valentine’s gift that will jump-start your road to wellness; it may even prove to be a more lasting and memorable gift.

Our wellness affects our body both physically and emotionally too. As we detailed earlier, if our well-being isn’t a priority, it can affect the loved ones around us and vice-versa. Being happy, positive, and sharing your love comes from balancing your body and prioritizing your wellness. As the saying goes, “Before you can love others, you first have to love yourself.” At the end of the day, no one wishes for a short-lived, empty life. Most of us want a healthy, fulfilling life with our partners so we can watch our family grow, and that is the best gift of all for you and your family.

Below are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle:

1.Fitness tracker Fitness trackers are designed to work with your mobile device to make it easier to monitor your daily fitness activity. Whether you count your steps, watch your calories, monitor your sleep, or track your distance after a jog or run, these devices motivate healthy activity. We understand this isn’t a romantic gift, so why not set a couple of fitness goals you and your partner can monitor together. You will get to spend some more time together and ensure both of you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

2. Cooking classes Skip the fancy dinner date with five-course meals and expensive wine and sign up for a healthy cooking class together instead. Not only will you be able to indulge in a healthier, gastronomic option, but it’s something that you can both do even after the holiday ends. Learning something new can help strengthen your relationship, and new experiences can also help solidify your bond together. Learning to cook healthy meals will add on more years of happy moods, healthy bodies, and less worry over illness and disease.

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3. Sign up for healthier food delivery services

If you don’t know your way around the kitchen and have no plans on learning anytime soon, then don’t give up on making a more lasting effort towards eating healthier. Stop the greasy takeout's loaded with junk food, preservatives, and calories, and consider signing up for a healthy food delivery service.

These catering services typically rely on your weight or fitness goals, diet restrictions, and even your preferences. They mainly focus on creating healthy meals and snacks and deliver your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner straight to your home or office.

4. Sports Lessons

Is your significant other into certain sports, like tennis, cycling, swimming, or golf, or is there a sport you would love your partner to join in and play with you? Then, why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get yourself and your partner involved in physical activity by signing yourself or your partner up for lessons.

The goal is to get involved in something active and healthy together, and joining sports lessons as a couple is a great way to achieve that while spending some time together.

5. A juicer

Skip the sparkling juices and sodas, and invest in a juicer with your significant other this Valentine’s Day. There are so many recipes available to make homemade fruit and vegetable juices that they don’t have to taste like freshly mown grass. Many recipes teach you how to bump up the taste, and you can choose selected recipes for losing weight, increasing your nutrient intake, or boosting your immunity.

Try new recipes or make your own concoctions together and spend some time as a couple shopping at the local farmer’s market for fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

6. A spa day

A spa day definitely suits the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day. An excellent way to help your loved ones relax and achieve overall wellness is by treating them to a luxurious spa day. Studies show that massages relieve stress, anxiety, and lower blood pressure, making an all-day spa treatment a great wellness and uplifting gift.

Schedule a full day of pampering with your partner and get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

7. Couple’s adventure

Forget the physical gifts this year and give your partner the precious gift of time and good memories. Go on a hike, book a hot air balloon flight, go sailing, or skip town for the weekend and go somewhere with no signal. Sharing new experiences together helps strengthen your bond and focuses your attention on each other. It’s important to forget life’s everyday hustle and bustle and simply “switch off” with your partner.

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8. Give up a bad habit.

Wellness increases your longevity, so why not enjoy extra years with your loved ones by quitting a bad habit this Valentine’s Day and replacing it with a good one. If you are a smoker, put down the pack of cigarettes and opt for drinking more water or chewing sugar-free gum.

9. Join a wellness program

Feel good about developing healthier habits by rewarding yourself with something nice and joining rewards and wellness programs. A wellness program encourages you to eat healthier and participate in more activities such as gym and trail running events.

Contact Wallstreet Financial Services if you would like guidance with your new lifestyle adjustments and to help you with the best wellness program for your needs. As an Independent Financial Service Provider, we can engage with our clients by looking at your current situation and lifestyle needs, and we can help you assess and choose the right wellness program to suit you.

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