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Thriving in 2023

Each year brings new aspirations, and resolutions that each one of us want to change and progress on in our lives. Instead of just thinking about it, write it down and pursue it.

Create your roadmap to achieving everything you want in 2023!

We've all had some rest and had the opportunity to spend some time with our loved ones during the festive season, and as we return home and start getting ready to go back to the office, I'm sure that like us you are looking forward to a great 2023.

The festive season also gave us time to reflect on the year that was, thinking of our health, finances and families, and in doing that, I'm sure that you have done some reflection on things you want to achieve this year.

Some of the things that have stood out for us here at Wallstreet during our discussions which we would like you to try this year as part of your Goals and Lifestyle setting for 2023 are:

  1. Fitness: Yip we've all had a good festive season, perhaps snacking a little too much and now we want to get back into the gyms. As part of your overall wellness journey, having an outlet on the daily stresses of life is an important step to being happier.

  2. Sleep: You should have a good nights rest each night if you are going to perform better and sharpen your focus daily. Sleeping gives your body time to recover and your mind to rest. Try getting in your 7 Hours of ZZZ's.

  3. Set Goals: Sit down, and write down the goals you want to achieve during 2023. These are wellness, personal and financial goals. By writing them down, you are attracting them into your life. Then work towards them and open up your goals list daily and look at them.

  4. Celebrate your Wins: When you achieve something you set out for the year, do something nice for yourself. Celebrate each win. Because by doing this, you are inadvertently teaching your mind to get into the winning habit and to pursue it!

  5. Learn: Take the time this year to learn something you have been wanting to do for a while. This can be a hobby or skill. By learning something new, you are also broadening your horizon and perspective on things.

  6. Unplug: Are you a slave to the digital influence of your phone, tablet or other device? Scrolling and living in a digital world, is stealing the most precious thing from you! And this is YOUR TIME. In that time, you could have focused on your goals, or hit the gym or gone for a run. Set a limit to when you will be "Online "and when you will get off. A study showed that if you "disconnect" at 18h00 you will have a better nights rest.

  7. Budget: Having a budget, allows your to track where you are spending your hard earned money. Budgeting is also the cornerstone of wealth creation, because once you understand where its being spend, you can formulate an action plan and divert that funds into wealth creation.

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In Closing we want to wish you only the best for 2023! May it be a good year for you and your loved ones. We hope that you accomplish everything that you set out to do during the year.

Best wishes and seasons greetings

Wallstreet Financial Services

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