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Have you met Unu?

Meet Unu
Meet Unu

The tech platform that connects people to the healthcare they need to live healthier, happier lives.

Many South Africans currently simply cannot afford the cost of a comprehensive medical aid, which leaves them exposed to not just government hospitals, but also undiagnosed illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and many more ailments.

Well, here is a solution you simply cannot go without. Affordable medical cover

The Unu app connects your people – employees or family - to the doctors, treatments and personal records they need, anytime and anywhere. No more waiting in long queues to see a nurse or doctor. With Unu, all of this and more is done from the user’s cell phone.

Some features include:

  • Private consultations with GP's and Nurses when needed;

  • Consultations can be done in all 11 official languages;

  • The App is Zero rated, which means it requires NO data to use;

  • Sick notes and Scripts can be provided over the phone;

  • Dispensaries include Dischem, Alpha Pharm and Clicks;

  • 3400 contracted GP's in SA;

  • 8000 Specialists contracted in SA;

  • Up to R250'000 in hospital benefits per event per year;

With the Unu app, users have easy, hassle-free access to:

Unu Benefits

It can be done either as an individual or an employer scheme.

There are 3 options to choose from, which starts with an entry level, mid and then the most comprehensive option.

And if you are an employer who has purchased Unu for your employees, you will get access to an employee dashboard from which you will be able to track and better understand your employees’ wellness data. Such information will better inform your organization's HR strategies which, in turn, could result in increased employee productivity.

If you're interested in this amazing product, reach out to us

Your trusted Financial Planning Partner

Unu falls under the auspices of medical insurance and not medical aid.

Standard waiting periods might apply.


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