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Annual Financial Planning Reviews, and why we do them

As a Financial Planner, I have a passion for helping clients with the best possible solutions to achieve their goals, and protect the best interests of their families and assets. A relationship formed, and built on over many years as I strive to build and maintain the best business relationships with our clients. One crucial aspect of maintaining a solid financial strategy is conducting an annual review with each client.

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Here’s why these reviews are so important and what key areas we cover during our meetings.

Why Annual Reviews Matter

Life is dynamic, and so are our financial needs. An annual review ensures that your insurance coverage and financial plans are always aligned with your current situation. It allows us to:

  • Adapt to Life Changes: Significant life events such as getting married, having children, buying a home, or changing jobs can impact your financial needs and insurance coverage.

  • Maximize Your Benefits: Regular reviews help ensure you are getting the most from your policies and investments. And from the start with your initial policy, we will strive to build on it, to close the potential shortfalls that there might be.

  • Plan Proactively: By anticipating future needs and changes, we can adjust your financial plan to better prepare you for what's ahead.

Current Policies:

  • Material Changes: It’s essential to review your existing policies to ensure they reflect any changes in your life. This includes changes in your work, occupation, or lifestyle. Insurers require disclosure of these things as to ensure that if there is a claim that the information is correct

  • Coverage Adequacy: Are your policies providing the coverage you need? As life evolves, so might your coverage needs. An example of this is you might purchase a new property, with a bigger mortgage, and require those amendments. Or when doing your estate plan, you might have a shortfall on estate liquidity.

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Investment Reviews and Updates:

In an evolving market, we believe in looking at the long term, and diversifying based on your risk profile, and objectives. We still need to:

Portfolio Assessment: Are you invested correctly based on your current financial goals and risk tolerance?

  • Performance Evaluation: We will review the performance of your investments to see if they are meeting your expectations and make necessary adjustments.

  • Portfolio Adjustments: If your goals or market conditions have changed, it may be time to switch some investments to better align with your financial objectives.

Estate Planning and Will Review:
  • Estate Plan: We’ll discuss your estate plan to ensure it’s still relevant to your current situation. This includes looking at your estate structure and any potential tax implications.

  • Will Review: Your Will is a critical document that outlines your wishes for your estate. Regularly reviewing and updating your Will ensures that it accurately reflects your current intentions and family situation.

Annual reviews are not just a routine check-up; they are a strategic tool to ensure your financial health and peace of mind. By regularly reassessing your assets, liabilities, policies, investments, and estate plan, we can adapt your financial strategy to meet your evolving needs and goals.

As your trusted insurance advisor and financial planner, I am committed to helping you navigate life’s changes and secure a prosperous future. Schedule your annual review today, and let’s make sure your financial plan continues to work for you.

If our review is overdue, please reach out to us, so that we can schedule a consultation.


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