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The numbers are coming in. What do the stats say?

You will know the value of the policy and benefits you have the day that something goes wrong and you need to claim under that policy.

At Wallstreet Financial Services we understand the importance of this and our responsibility to our policy holders. Which is why we take the utmost care when assisting our clients throughout their financial planning journey, from the first contact all the way through to that first claim.

2023 has seen a significant increase in claims coming through our offices compared to previous years, which is very alarming and its for this reason that working with our clients is more important than ever.

Regular communication is important and bi annual reviews even more so. I have consulted with a few clients that have had claimable events happen of which they did not even know they could claim for, and with that information we managed to get the claims submitted.

Some of the Financial Service Providers starting to publish their claims statistics for 2022, the numbers are coming in and conditions claimed under broken down. Its very alarming to see this.

Lets unpack the claim stats published this week by Liberty.

R6.98 Billion in claims paid to policy holders is a massive amount. Just think of all those families that were helped financially.

R26,846,153 million paid in claims EVERY WORKING DAY. That is a lot of promises to families.

Cancer is still the prevailing illness where most claims stem from in humans. Whilst preventative care is essential for early detection, when comes down to it, and you need to claim, its essential that you have a financial planning partner that will champion and assist you when it matters.

We all want to live a happy long life, see our children grow up and retire in comfort, but the reality is that sometimes life happens and the unforeseen can come and try to destroy you physically, mentally and financially.

Having a financial plan helps you navigate and mitigate the risks of these things happening to you, giving protection to you and your families in time of uncertainty.

Price is what you pay, Value is what you get!

Stay safe, and have a good day further.

Your Financial Planning Partner

Albert Johnson

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